Biden's multilateralism: hegemony under the disguise of rules


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                        Xu Yi
                        2021-07-16 19:03:20


                        By Tang Hua


                        After Biden took office as American president, “returning to multilateralism” has become a catchword for him and his staff, as if to tell the world that a friendly and rules-obeying America is back. Yet half a year has passed and the world has come to realize that the “multilateralism” preached by the Biden administration is nothing but a cloak over its attempt to rope in the allies and practice bloc bullying.


                        Recently the so-called “Media Freedom Coalition ” released a statement signed by 21 western countries represented by the US, making groundless accusations of the government of China and its Hong Kong SAR of closing the Apple Daily and oppressing freedom of speech. This is obviously another anti-China move instigated by the US government with a small western clique posing as the international community.


                        Founded by Jimmy Lai, a member of the “group of four” that tried to wreak havoc on Hong Kong, in 1995, Apple Daily is known as a media that misleads the young generation in Hong Kong and agitates opposition parties to defy the Hong Kong government with violence and disrupt social order. Jimmy Lai is closely connected with the US Consulate General Hong Kong, while the US has sponsored through him the violent riots in the SAR. Hong Kong residents used to pull up huge streamers condemning Jimmy Lai as “flunky of America” and “mastermind of creating riots and chaos in Hong Kong”, and his Apple Daily asgenerating smear and slander. No western country would even tolerate such a media or individual that betrays its own country and tries to paralyze the government.


                        In early 2021, former US President Trump, refusing to accept his failure at the re-election, doubted the election results repeatedly on social media, spread the conspiracy theory that the election had been rigged, and incited his supporters to organize protests in Washington, which finally led to the world-shocking Capitol Hill riot. The Democratic Party acted immediately defining the event as a riot and the participants as rioters, and the media controlled by left-wing forces condemned Trump for instigating violence and canceled his social media account to make him socially dead. Democratic members of the House of Representatives even filed a civil lawsuit against Trump holding him accountable for the rioting. At that time, the Democratic Party said nothing about “freedom of speech” but jumped at the opportunity to attack Trump and his right-wing supporters; yet now it seems especially sympathetic with and lenient on Jimmy Lai and his Apple Daily that incited the violent riots in Hong Kong. How bizarre!


                        When Hong Kong was mired in turbulence and chaos, Washington gloated, watched with folded arms, and even blatantly supported the rioters; when Hong Kong was stable, it spread rumors and created panic, and even complained about the “injustice” done to the rioters. The vicious attempt of the US and its allies to turn Hong Kong into a battlefield of the China-US struggles has been exposed under broad daylight.


                        From the origin tracing of COVID-19 to the so-called “human rights issue in Xinjiang”, from the G7 Summit to the session of the UN Human Rights Council, the US, at every occasion and on every topic, has formed the habit of ganging up with its followers on the moral high ground of “rules-based international order”, where it criticizes China’s internal and foreign policies and human rights situation, and unscrupulously smears China’s efforts of pandemic prevention and control and foreign assistance. It is trying so desperately to gloss over its bullying policies with resounding rhetoric, paint China as a “breaker of rules and order”, and create the false impression that what China has done has angered many foreign countries, with the ultimate goal of depriving China of its right to peaceful development.


                        But how can the mountain stop the ever-flowing river from running to the east? The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is an overwhelming historical trend that cannot be stopped, whereas America’s old trick of forming a small clique to contain China, which has been played too many times and isbeneath its dignity, is facing the dilemma of shrinking marginal benefit.


                        At the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council, the US rallied 44 countries to issue a “joint statement” against China, but Ukraine pulled its name out of the statement only two days later. In the meantime, Belarus, on behalf of 67 countries, gave a speech in support of China, emphasizing that no foreign country shall interfere in Hong Kong as that is China’s internal affair, and supporting China’s exercise of “one country, two systems” in the SAR. Once again, Biden’s plan to speak in one voice with his allies against China fell through.


                        Facts have proven that justice is in the heart of the people. The international community has seen through the shameless lies told by certain western countries, and the farce staged by them is having fewer audiences. Their posture of preaching human rights and freedom is as ridiculous and hypocritical as the emperor wearing his new clothes.

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