Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer contingent to Lebanon passes pre-mission test

                        China Military Online
                        Huang Panyue
                        2021-07-13 17:24:32

                        BEIJING, July 13 -- The 20th Chinese peacekeeping multi-functional engineer contingent to Lebanon has recently completed the pre-mission test. All peacekeepers of the contingent have passed the assessment with excellent performance and reached the standards for carrying peacekeeping tasks.

                        It is learnt that the contingent mainly consists of members from a brigade of the PLA 75th Group Army, while the assessment team are those backbone experts who have participated in peacekeeping missions and have comprehensive and excellent capabilities. The assessment subjects included static data inspection, physical fitness, mine clearance and construction machinery operation, which aimed to ensure that the contingent could be capable of finishing the mine clearance and engineering support tasks in the mission area.

                        Next, the contingent will take further training based on the assessment results, so as to continuously improve its emergency response and task-fulfilling capabilities.


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