China releases navigation warning about falling rocket debris

                        China Military Online
                        Li Jiayao
                        2021-07-07 10:03:45

                        BEIJING, July 7 -- According to a notice released by China’s Lianyungang Maritime Safety Administration on July 5, there will be falling rocket debris in the waters of central Yellow Sea from 12:00 to 24:00 on July 9, 2021, local time.

                        LYG0045,MIDDLE YELLOW SEA THERE ARE ACTIVITIES THAT AFFECT THE SAFATY OF SHIP NAVIGATION FORM 0400 UTC TO 1600 UTC 9 JUL IN AREA A BOUNDED BY THE LINES JOINING 34-48.24N/120-15.9E, 34-34.68N/120-05.04E, 34-51.12N/119-34.98E, 35-09.18N/119-49.44E. AND AREA B BOUNDED BY THE LINES JOINING 33-51.96N/121-59.64E, 33-34.14N/121-44.88E, 34-04.68N/120-51.36E, 34-22.62N/121-06.00E

                        ENTERING PROHIBITED.

                        LYGMSA CHINA.


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