Art Enriches Spirit and Leads to Ultimate Beauty
                        Science and art are not only parts of human civilization, but also accelerate the evolution of human civilization.
                        07-04 11:24:19
                        Lv Guoying's Art Theory of Qi Mo Ling Xiang
                        Lv Guoying’s Art Theory argues that "Beauty is Qi Mo (animated ink) and Ling Xiang (lifelike representation)". Qi Mo and Ling Xiang are both content and form and are the future of art and beauty of creation.
                        05-14 18:00:26
                        “Spiritual Entanglement” Is the Primary Force of Art
                        Qi Mo (literally, “ink as vital energy”) and Ling Xiang (literally, “spiritual form”) are the core themes and soul of this book, which represent new topics in the research of art theories.
                        05-14 17:08:23
                        Questions of Greater Importance
                        Qi Mo Ling Xiang is a thought, an idea, a special form, a special existence. It is related to philosophy, aesthetics, and culture and art. It is the spiritual state of all things in the universe and the artistic ideal of life. It is the highest realm of beauty and the ultimate boundary of beauty.
                        05-14 18:00:26
                        Man donates 6m yuan to army
                        A Chongqing senior man who has been supporting the army for decades has decided to leave all his wealth and possessions not to his children but to army and public welfare undertakings.
                        08-23 14:59:02
                        China's foreign aid not behind developing countries’ debt baggage
                        Coming with China's increasing national strength is its expanding foreign aid footprint, which has led to erroneous perceptions both at home and abroad.
                        08-22 09:04:36
                        Chinese medical services boost healthcare in Africa
                        Since the first Chinese medical team arrived in Africa in 1963, all kinds of non-profitable Chinese medical services have contributed to the continent's healthcare and saved the lives of tens of thousands of people.
                        08-21 09:53:16
                        National panda park to open by end of this year
                        China's first giant panda national park-covering an area triple the size of Yellowstone National Park in the United States-will open soon, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration said on Thursday.
                        08-17 16:04:14
                        China's radio heliograph may work with NASA in solar observation
                        A Chinese scientist said the country's solar radio heliograph is likely to cooperate with NASA's recently launched Parker Solar Probe to study the Sun.
                        08-15 11:19:27
                        China-Japan treaty reaches 40-year mark
                        Beijing is willing to work with Tokyo to safeguard political foundations, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and properly manage differences under the principles of the four key bilateral political documents, said Premier Li Keqiang.
                        08-13 11:01:58
                        A look at China's high-speed rail 10 years on
                        Onboard the C2022 train, train attendant supervisor Xu Ying walks down the aisles to check luggage safety and sanitation conditions.
                        08-02 15:22:06
                        China considers drafting law on veterans welfare
                        China is considering drafting a law on veterans welfare and a guideline on the work related to veterans in the new era, minister of veterans affairs Sun Shaocheng said Tuesday.
                        07-31 22:21:33
                        China launches new twin BeiDou-3 navigation satellites
                        China on Sunday sent twin satellites into space via a single carrier rocket, entering a period with unprecedentedly intensive launches of BeiDou satellites.
                        07-29 20:54:09
                        China’s self-developed large drone Xiangying-200 completes test flights
                        Shenyang Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), recently completed test flights of Xiangying-200 unmanned helicopter and it has now entered its acceptance stage.
                        07-27 22:52:38
                        Children attend activities during summer vacation in SW China
                        Six hundred children from 18 impoverished townships were invited to participate in a series of activities on the themes of patriotism education and science education.
                        07-25 22:51:40
                        Rwandans confident in the prospect of further ties with China
                        Chinese President Xi Jinping's signing of an article on China-Rwanda relations has received positive reviews from both the Rwandan media and its public.
                        07-23 23:39:18