No guardrail between China, US to be defined unilaterally by US
                        The US has no right to unilaterally define the "guardrails" between the two countries simply based on its interests. They should be jointly defined and be conducive to both sides. America has rich experience in international relations, and hopefully, Washington will not be muddle-headed on the key issue of how to compete with China without conflict.
                        07-23 17:15:45
                        Over 5 million Chinese netizens call on WHO to investigate Fort Detrick lab
                        An open letter calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the US' Fort Detrick lab over COVID-19 origins has been circulating among Chinese netizens since July 17. It has gained over 5 million signatures from Chinese netizens as of Wednesday evening.
                        07-22 18:14:38
                        Japanese right-wingers' remarks on Taiwan shortsighted, dangerous
                        Dancing so willingly to America's tune, they harbor the speculative intention to fish in the troubled waters of China-US struggle, but it is exactly their myopia that has blinded them to the general trend of the world and the consequences of fueling flames. They should be prepared to pay a heavy price if they don't stop their dangerous words and deeds immediately.
                        07-22 17:40:01
                        Why Washington intends to stir up Asia arms race?
                        By contrast, Washington wants to see China and US allies and partners engage in an arms race — it knows this will damage both Beijing and other Asian countries. But fortunately, US allies and partners will not be easily fooled. Although Washington sees China as its top competitor, its allies and partners do not regard China in the same way.
                        07-22 10:37:33
                        Western hackers cannot whitewash itself by defaming China
                        The perpetrators of cyber-attack are now accusing the victims of creating cyber-attack. Such a sheer fabrication of rumors and a reversal of black and white is backed by nothing but its political purposes to defame and suppress China.
                        07-21 17:21:09
                        Multi-party struggle accelerates deterioration of Afghan situation
                        The Afghan situation has seen tremendous changes recently after the US announced its earlier withdrawal of troops from the country. Taliban and the Afghan government are fighting and talking at the same time, and out-of-the-region forces are weighing in at a faster pace, whose sustained and intensified struggles will cast a pall over the future of Afghanistan.
                        07-21 16:59:49
                        Russia-China ties: Optimal combination of strategic interests, chances
                        Today, the two countries are working strenuously not only to protect the international legal system, uphold a multipolar world and support strategic arms control, but also to maintain global and regional balance of power. Both Russia and China are keenly aware of their special responsibilities towards the destiny and development of the world.
                        07-21 23:09:13
                        The U.S. should stop salami slicing in the Taiwan Strait
                        The seemingly paradoxical policy orientation reveals that, in the hope of winning the strategic competition against China, the U.S. has been salami slicing the Taiwan issue by testing China's strategic bottom line on the issue and therefore "hollow out" its one-China policy.
                        07-21 23:06:16
                        US can't hide its poor human rights record
                        The United States has always masqueraded as a "defender of democracy" and "human rights", yet it has been playing down the discrimination against American Muslims, and not taken any concrete measures to ensure their religious freedom.
                        07-21 22:41:33
                        Bloomberg ignores China's COVID success
                        US media outlet Bloomberg has unveiled a new COVID Resilience Ranking. These ratings always come with questions, but this time it was a complete surprise as the United States was ranked at first place in terms of resistance to coronavirus. At the same time, China, whose successes in combating the pandemic are an example for the whole world, only made it to eighth place.
                        07-21 22:38:54
                        US, others show double standards on South China Sea
                        Recently, the United States and other countries outside the South China Sea have again made statements or comments regarding the so-called South China Sea arbitration award, claiming that it is "final and binding on the parties to the dispute" and demanding that China accept and implement the award.
                        07-21 22:36:53
                        Slandering China won't make cyberspace more secure
                        Washington together with its allies has accused China of responsibility for a number of cyber attacks against private entities in the West, in yet another move to smear the Asian country.
                        07-21 22:32:46
                        West's chauvinism knows no bounds
                        Should objectivity matter in a survey? If a truthful gauging of opinion is sought then the answer is yes. Should objectivity matter when drawing up rankings? Again the answer is yes if meaningful comparisons are to be made. But a recent survey by Pew Research Center and rankings compiled by Bloomberg have opted for subjectivity in order to arrive at the conclusions they want.
                        07-21 22:27:40
                        No need to worry about China to be trapped in "Middle East mire"
                        When pursuing economic and trade cooperation with Middle Eastern countries, China adheres to the basic principle of win-win benefits. It accommodates the development concerns of those countries, works hard to align the Belt and Road Initiative with their development strategies, and places equal emphasis on their economic development and livelihood improvement and China's economic returns, in sharp contrast to Western colonialism.
                        07-20 17:15:14
                        Slandering China won't make cyberspace more secure
                        Washington together with its allies has accused China of responsibility for a number of cyber attacks against private entities in the West, in yet another move to smear the Asian country.
                        07-21 01:00:25
                        US must stop hazardous, provocative actions in Taiwan Strait
                        Media reported on July 15 that a US military transport aircraft landed in Taiwan. Such an adventurous and provocative action has seriously undermined the political foundation of China-US relations and the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. It has further indicated the hypocrisy and duality of the US on major issues concerning China's core interests.
                        07-19 22:50:43